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Jet Infosystems Date of foundation : 1991 Geography : HQ – Moscow, 6 regional office at Russia: Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Sankt-Petersburg.

Representations: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. List of projects at Tajikistan, Armenia and Georgia.

Staff: more than 1100 employees, more than 4500 vendor’s certificates Center Software Solutions

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Partnerships and Ratings Partners:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Ratings: Jet Infosystems leading at:

    

vendor of IT services vendor of IT services for different market segments software development outsource companies other «Jet Infosystems» member of TOP 20 Russian IT-companies (by expert RA Rating Agency)

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Solutions and Services

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Jet Subscribers Manager

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Jet Digital Service Platform Jet DSP ‒ it’s a software solution for business process and interaction management between service providers (connection, billing, shipping) and network operators. Jet DSP provides:  quick and easy integration of new service providers into operator services ecosystem;  unified user experience ‒ for subscribers, product managers, customer care and administration;  flexible SLAs

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Jet Digital Service Platform


Telecom Operator


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Service Providers



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Jet Digital Service Platform  reduced time-to-market for new products – Jet DSP enables short integration cycles, reduces technological risks and provides stable ecosystem of reusable services and common metadata;  improved operator’s infrastructure usage – Jet DSP allows monetization of existing OSS/BSS infrastructure by providing access to third-party and VAS service providers in controlled environment;  increased customer loyalty – unified user experience provided by Jet DSP and transparency of services leads to better operator loyalty.

Center Software Solutions

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Jet Toolbar Meet Jet Toolbar, a component of a traffic management package good for mobile and landline broadband networks alike. It is a small yet powerful widget that appears on every web-page visited to display information and/or tools for communication between the operator and the user.

Center Software Solutions

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Jet Toolbar Jet Toolbar can be used for:  One-way communication between the operator and subscriber groups (i.e.

sending service-related information to advise users of scheduled network maintenance or a special offer)  One-way communication between the operator and individual users (sending standard messages to inform them of changes in their personal status)

 Two-way communication when he subscriber can manage the connection using additional Toolbar buttons such as the Turbo button to increase bandwidth for a certain period of time  Three-way communication involving a third party, e.g. an advertising agency sending targeted ads to the user’s Toolbar based on customer profiles supplied by the operator. Note that these data are anonymous to maintain confidentiality Center Software Solutions

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Jet Toolbar Jet Toolbar integration and interaction with the operator’s PCC system

Center Software Solutions

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Jet Toolbar JET TOOLBAR ADVANTAGES  Guaranteed support of all leading web browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, Apple Safari)  Possible integration with the operator’s infrastructure and content providers to receive and format information/content for display  100% transparent operation. Requests to the Internet are sent from the user’s IP address. The subscriber receives responses from the IP address of the server. The customer’s browser requires no setup  Proxying and data formatting for display are provided by separate components. Toolbar Proxy just inserts the JSC into HTMP pages. Data is formatted for display via a request to the Toolbar Application Server  Only HTTP traffic passes through Toolbar Proxy, and headers are unpacked and read only for HTML pages. Hardware requirements for Toolbar Proxy are therefore fairly modest  Support of compressed content (gzip and others) by Jet Toolbar Proxy  Limited use of DPI ports. The traffic passes DPI only once in each direction. Jet Toolbar thus has a minimum impact on network bandwidth and fault tolerance Center Software Solutions

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Jet Subscribers Manager WHY AN OPERATOR NEEDS JSM Today's operators are facing heavy competition, increasing subscriber activity and proliferation of new web services. They have to deal with three fundamental business challenges  Revenue generation. This includes an increase in ARPU, reduction of unit bandwidth cost for flat-rate plans and securing revenue from alternative markets such as OTT or Internet advertising.  Cost reduction. This goal covers reduction of data transfer costs and prevention of traffic loss due to network congestion either by prioritizing traffic or relieving the overloaded segment.  Last, but not least, is the issue of customer loyalty and churn control. This requires better communication with customers to send valuable information and receive feedback. Center Software Solutions

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Jet Subscribers Manager  Erlang/OTP  Diameter Protocol Stack   

Gx Channel Rx Channel DCCA/Gy Channel

 DPI Protocol Stack 

Profile Activation  Shaping Counting  Session Activation  Ruleset Validation

 Distributed In-Memory DB  Business Event Processing Center Software Solutions

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Jet Subscribers Manager DIAMETER Channel –

Policy and charging control over Gx (3GPP TS 29.212 Release 10) – Policy and charging control over Rx (3GPP TS 29.214 Release 10) – Diameter Credit-Control Application (RFC 4006) – Online charging over Gy (3GPP TS 32.299 Release 10)

RADIUS Channel –

RADIUS Accounting (RFC 2866)

HTTP Channel –


DPI Channel –


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) –


Center Software Solutions

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