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E911 Anywhere® is a cost-effective, cloud-based network service that routes 9-1-1 calls from any call server/PBX and sends detailed location information to emergency dispatchers. FEATURES

Routes 9-1-1 calls to any PSAP in the USA or Canada based on the location of the caller

Accepts real-time location updates from E911 Manager® and the MyE911® softphone client

Sends emergency notifications (screen pop, SMS and email) to security guards and administrators

Premium features include call recording, 9-1-1 call monitoring and barge-in capability

24x7 Emergency Call Center with live 9-1-1 operators as back-up FOR SMALL TO MID-SIZED ORGANIZATIONS E911 Anywhere makes providing E911 protection and complying with state regulations easy for small and mid-sized organizations who have deployed IP voice solutions. There are no capital costs, no servers to buy and no maintenance to purchase. A one-time service initiation fee begins the service and the recurring low monthly charges are based on the number of ELINs on the network. ®

Set-up and maintenance of E911 Anywhere® can be completed any time from any computer via a Web-based administration portal. Location information for each phone can be uploaded to the service via a .csv file or entered and updated manually. All location records, including those of remote phones or teleworkers, are validated through the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and geocoded to ensure emergency dispatchers can send help where it’s needed in the event of a 9-1-1 call.

Anywhere® also stores Automatic Location Identification (ALI) records in its own Dynamic ALI database, eliminating the need for PS-ALI contracts and monthly storage charges.

ARCHITECTURE E911 Anywhere® is powered by a highly redundant scalable architecture that combines multiple levels of systems redundancy with Tier One infrastructure providers. Our network connects with over 6600 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Point) in the United States to ensure proper routing of emergency calls. In Canada, we connect with an authorized, Canadian emergency call center which can forward a 9-1-1 call to virtually all PSAPs in Canada. Beyond the architecture, E911 Anywhere® offers fail-over protection through an emergency call center staffed 24/7 by personnel specially trained to handle emergency calls.

FOR LARGE, DISTRIBUTED ENTERPRISES E911 Anywhere® combines with on-premise location tracking and management solutions such as RedSky’s E911 Manager® to provide a comprehensive, automated E911 solution for more complex organizations. E911 Anywhere® replaces multiple PS-ALI contracts from Local Exchange Carriers with consolidated, national 9-1-1 call routing and dynamic ALI services. In addition to delivering significant cost savings, this approach delivers real-time location updates for highly mobile users and the ability to support hundreds or thousands of remote locations.

DRIVING COSTS OUT OF E911 Cost savings over traditional E911 solutions can be dramatic with E911 Anywhere®. Our cloud-based network service approach consolidates and routes all 9-1-1 calls through a central point, so organizations no longer need costly trunks at multiple sites to handle 9-1-1 call traffic. E911

MOBILE SOFTPHONE LOCATION TRACKING E911 Anywhere® supports mobile softphone users who connect remotely with the corporate voice network. End users enter their location information into the MyE911® client installed on the laptop. This location information is then forwarded to E911 Anywhere® for MSAG validation and to set up 9-1-1 call routing before releasing the softphone for use.

REDSKY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES RedSky offers a full range of professional services to help organizations plan, implement and maintain effective E911 protection. These services include Installation and Training, Audit Services to establish accurate locations for all phones, Application Performance Monitoring and Administration Services to monitor E911 on a daily basis.

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HOW E911 ANYWHERE® WORKS 1a. An administrator logs into the E911 Anywhere® Web portal and establishes locations for all Emergency Location Identification Numbers (ELIN) or Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers in the enterprise. Location records are MSAG-validated and stored in a Dynamic ALI database in E911 Anywhere®. - or 1b. An administrator establishes a civic address for building and locations for Layer 3 and Layer 2 network regions in E911 Manager®. E911 Manager® uploads its location data to E911 Anywhere®. Location records are validated and stored in a Dynamic ALI database. 2. When a 9-1-1 call is placed from a phone, the call server/PBX routes the call to E911 Anywhere® via an IP connection or the PSTN. 3. E911 Anywhere® retrieves the location record of the calling ELIN or DID number, determines the correct PSAP and routes the call. 4. E911 Anywhere® dynamically provides the location record to the LEC PS-ALI database that includes the caller’s location and callback number. The PSAP retrieves this information with a data query to the LEC ALI database. 5. E911 Anywhere® simultaneously sends 9-1-1 call emergency notifications (screen pop, SMS or email) to subscribers in the enterprise.

REQUIREMENTS Internet access to the E911 Anywhere® Web-based administration portal TRUNKING OPTIONS FOR E911 ANYWHERE® • SIP Based Trunking via Internet or VPN tunnel • MPLS (Cross Connect Charges may apply) • PSTN trunking from the call server/PBX.


NETWORK CALL SERVERS/PBXs SUPPORTED All call servers and PBXs are supported since there is no integration required between the call platform/PBX and E911 Anywhere®. Call servers and PBXs need simply to be programmed to send all 9-1-1 calls to E911 Anywhere® for routing to the proper PSAP.

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