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Elgin Endurance Club.

Lossiemouth Enduro

SACU Permit No. 15 003

Round 1 of the ACU Edmondson Racing British Timecard Enduro Championship. 4th/ 5th April 2015

Location - Lossiemouth Forest Parking and Start at Lossiemouth Forest A National Enduro for solo machines to be held under the National Sporting code of the ACU, the 2015 Standing Enduro Regulations, the following Supplementary Regulations and any final Instructions which may be issued. This event will be Round 1 of the ACU Edmondson Racing British Timecard Enduro Championship – regulations for the Championship will apply. Officials Clerk of the Course Secretary of the Meeting

Kevin Gauld lic 12 8218 Caroline Thomson 40 Gallowhill Road, Kirkintilloch , G66 4AJ Tel 07900 361 876 E-mail [email protected]

Licence 13 8415 valid ‘til 2016

ACU Steward SACU Steward Chief Machine Examiner Timing

Andrew Martin licence no. 82577 J Ballantyne Steward lic 13 8024 Barry Hamilton lic 12 8425 Elgin Endurance Club

Eligibility All riders must be members of a National Club and hold a current ACU or SACU competition licence. Any other riders, including Irish participants must obtain personal accident insurance, produce a licence issued by their FMN and a start permission letter confirming they are licensed and have personal accident insurance. Proof of club membership and Competition licences will be required at signing on. One Event Licences, if required for ACU riders cost £15 and for SACU riders it’s £15, this must be paid in advance along with the entry fee. Entry fees will only be refunded (less 10% administration charge) in the event of cancellation of the event or a valid medical certificate or mechanical failure. Entries. Completed entry forms and indemnity sheets must be returned to the Secretary of the Meeting together with the entry fee of: £125 +£15 ACU day Licence if required or +£15 SACU day licence) payable by cheque or postal order to Elgin Endurance Club. Or enter on-line via • •

Opening Date for entries Closing Date for entries

31st. January. 21st. March– Or when entries full.

Priority will be given to Championship, Expert and Clubmen riders up to two weeks before the closing date. Sportsman entries will be held in order of receipt until the closing date and used to fill the entry list, all Sportsman entries will be notified by e-mail after the closing date. All entries will only be accepted on an official entry form and must include 3 addressed labels per rider, no need for envelopes. Or enter on line via

-- No entries will be accepted after the closing date. Saturday 21st. March -Start / Finish. The start area will be at Lossiemouth Forest and will be signed from the junction A96 and B9103 (3 miles east of Elgin). First Rider away at 10.00am Saturday. Sign On. Riders must sign on first before presenting machines for scrutineering. From 10:00am to 18:00pm on the 3rd April. Any riders who cannot sign on at this time must arrange with the organisers in advance (Caroline 07900 361876) to sign on before 8:00am on the 4th April. Machine Examination. Riders must present their machines for examination on Friday 3rd April between 10:00am and 18:00pm. Any rider who is unable to present their machine at this time must arrange with Caroline Thomson in advance to scrutineer their machine on the 4th April before 8:00am. Only a very limited number of machines will be allowed to scrutineer on the 4th April and will be subject to 20 penalty points as per ACU regulations. Sound. All machines must have the stroke of the machine clearly and permanently marked on the crankcases. All machines will be subject to sound testing at scrutineering. Any noisy machines noted on the course will be tested at the end of the day. Failure to stop for a sound test will result in exclusion. Tyres Front and Rear - Enduro type – to FIM Specification road legal. No MX tires allowed. Rider Numbers Riders must provide their own numbers and backgrounds. Riders must ensure there is space to attach a sticker including the Series Sponsor’s logo, which will be supplied at signing on. Numbers will be issued in order of receipt within each class. Any Scottish riders with reserved numbers please write this number on entry form, you may be able to ride with this number. Number plate colours as per Enduro Standing Regs. • Championship Red plates with White Numbers • Expert Green Plates with White Numbers • Clubman Yellow Plates with Black Numbers • Over 40/veteran Blue plates with White Numbers • Over 50/veteran Blue plates with White Numbers • Sportsman Black Plates with White Numbers. • All classes Side Plates same colour as front plates. Classes Championship, Expert, Clubman, Ladies, OV40/veterans, OV50/veterans, Sportsman U23 Note there is an U23 (must be U23 on Jan 1st of year of competition) included within the Championship and Expert classes. Rider MUST indicate on Entry form if they are eligible for this Capacity Classes • • •

E1 2 strokes up to 125cc E1 4 strokes up to 250cc E2 2 strokes over 125cc to 250 cc E2 4 strokes over 250cc to 450cc E3 2 strokes over 250cc E3 4 strokes over 450cc

Start Order Championship 1-10,(as allocated from Overall standings in previous year) Champ.E1,E2,E3, Expert E1,E2,E3, Clubman E1,E2,E3, Ladies, OV40/veteran, OV50/veteran Sportsman, E1 being split into 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Please ensure correct class, subclass and stroke are on the entry form Special Test/s. The location of the test/s will be detailed in the final instructions. We hope that the test/s unlike recent years will be accessible by foot during the event and located near the start area. Because of the small number of laps the test/s will be timed on all laps. The test/s will be available for inspection from 11:00am on the 3rd April. Security. Competitors must be aware that security of their vehicles and property is their own responsibility at all times. Please ensure you have adequate insurance to protect your possessions. There will be no Parc Ferme provided. Power Washing. There will be no power washing allowed in the service area or in the parking area. This includes Sunday when the event is finished. (This is a condition imposed by the field owner.) Penalty is Disqualification. Unauthorised access. Only signed on competitors will be allowed on the course. No support riders will be permitted. Time Cards Enduro rule 3.12 (b) “ The onus rests with the riders to present a time card to the Time Check Official in a flat and legible condition” Due to the large number of time checks we suggest that the time card be kept in a card pocket to preserve the legibility of the times. Repeated folding of cards makes it difficult to reads times recorded. WARNING – MOTOR SPORT CAN BE DANGEROUS DESPITE THE ORGANISERS TAKING ALL REASONABLE PRECAUTIONS, UNAVOIDABLE ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN. PLEASE COMPLY WITH ALL INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MARSHALLS AND REMAIN IN PERMITTED AREAS ONLY THEY ARE CONCERNED WITH YOUR SAFETY

We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe event. If you have any queries please contact the organisers. This event would not run without the help and permission of Forestry Commission Scotland – please keep the forests tidy and respect the country code. We would also like to thank the local Moray Council and Police Force for their assistance in promoting this event. ****VERY IMPORTANT**** – ALL RIDERS MUST HAND IN THEIR TIMECARD AT THE END OF THE DAY – EVEN IF YOU RETIRE. IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW YOU ARE SAFELY OFF THE COURSE

Accommodation. For accommodation in Elgin please check the following websites. There will also be camping at the start finish area in Lossiemouth Forest. No Parc Ferme – so lock up your bikes. Premier Travel Inn - 0871 527 8372 – limited places available. • Elgin Guide and Directory • Visit Scotland – the official Scottish Tourist Board Site • • 0845 859 1006

Entry Form – please complete and return

Elgin Endurance Club.

Lossiemouth Enduro

SACU Permit No. 15 003

Round 1 of the ACU Edmondson Racing British Timecard Enduro Championship.

4th/ 5th April 2015 Complete and send with entry fees and required forms to - Caroline Thomson, 40 Gallowhill Road, Kirkintilloch, G66 4AJ Tel 07900 361876 E-Mail enquiries to [email protected]

Please enter me for the above Enduro. I enclose my entry fee of £ 125, +£15 ACU day licence if required or +£15 SACU day licence if required) made payable to Elgin Endurance Club, the signed indemnity and 3 addressed labels per rider. Entry also available on line via Closing date 21st March 2015. Results will be on – & Any contact made will be via email in the first instance, please make sure email address is clear, thanks. Name :Address :Post Code :-

Phone Number :-

Machine :-

Capacity :-

Stroke ( mm) :-

Club Mobile no. Class :-





E1 2 Stroke


OV40/ vets

E1 4 Stroke

Ladies OV50/veteran

E2 2 Stroke / E2 4 Stroke


(Circle Class)

E3 2 Stroke / 4 Stroke (Circle Capacity)

Iam eligible for U23 Championship points in Champ. Or Expert class (u23 Jan 1St)

Competition Licence no. :-

ACU Day Lic.

SACU Day Lic.

Scottish reserved rider number Held under the National Sporting Code of the ACU, Standing Regulations and any Supplementary Regulations I declare that I have attained the age at which I am legally entitled to drive a motor vehicle. Furthermore by entering this event I agree to supply a blood or urine specimen if required to do so for the purposes of drug testing. NB. I have read and signed the attached indemnity and understand the risks of motorsport. Signed_____________________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________ Signed parent/guardian if under 18 yrs.

Elgin Endurance Club, Lossiemouth Enduro 4th/ 5th. April 2015. Round 1 of the ACU Edmondson Racing British Timecard Enduro Championship.

SACU Permit No. 15 003 INDEMNITY ( to be signed and returned with entry) Held under the National Sporting Code of the ACU, the Standing Regulations and Supplementary Regulations issued for the meeting. In consideration for being permitted to participate in this event I declare as follows: Entry declaration: I / we the undersigned apply to enter the event described above and in consideration thereof: • I hereby declare that I have had the opportunity to read, and that I understand the National Sporting Code of the ACU, the ACU/SACU Standing Regulations, such Supplementary Regulations as have or may be issued for the event, and agree to be bound by them. • I further declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and I am are competent to do so • I confirm that I understand the nature and type of event we are entering and its inherent risks and agree to accept the same notwithstanding that such risks may involve negligence on the part of the organisers or officials. • I confirm that the machine(s) as described below which I compete on shall be suitable and proper for the purpose. • I confirm that if any part of the event takes place on a public highway, the machine(s) described below shall be insured as required by the Road Traffic Acts, or equivalent legislation, and that it / they will comply with the regulations in respect thereof. • I agree that I am are required to register our arrival by "signing on" at the designated place not less than 30 minutes prior to commencement of my/our practice or first competition, whichever occurs first. Acknowledgement of the risks of motorsport: I understand that by taking part in this event I am exposed to a risk of death, becoming permanently disabled or suffering some other serious injury and I acknowledge that even in the event that negligence on the part of the ACU/SACU, the promoter, the organising club, the venue owner, or any individual carrying out duties on their behalf were to be a contributory cause of any serious injury I may suffer, the dominant cause of any serious injury will always be my / our voluntary decision to take part in a high risk activity. I have read the above and acknowledge that my / our participation in motorsport is entirely at my / our own risk. Rider's signature:

If under 18 state date of birth': * For riders and passengers under 18 years of age - I accept the above conditions of entry to this event and give my approval: Signature of parent or person with parental responsibility


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