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The Swimwear Industry (Market Research Report)

Brief Overview of Growth/Trends in the Swimwear Industry The retail market for swimwear and beachwear is forecast to rise from US$12.88bn in 2006 to US$13.51bn by 2012. This is growth of 4.9% over a six year period - roughly equivalent to 0.8% per year - and suggests that a sector that grew rapidly in the 1990s is now slowing down. (Source: just-style)

The world market for swimwear and beachwear is projected to exceed $17.6 billion by the year 2015. This is primarily driven by the growing interest in body care, social mobility, relaxed dress codes, improved performance of textiles, and the escalation of beauty and spa industry, worldwide. (Source: Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)

Recent Swimwear Industry Stats

Slower Growth In The Coming Years Recent retail reports indicate that swimwear, worldwide, could experience slower growth between 2011 and 2014. (Source: WeConnectFashion.com)

This sluggish growth forecast is blamed on the current uncertain economic situation, long-term population stagnation, and the shift in branded manufacturing to lower-cost countries. (Source: just-style)

Overall, it could lower world swimwear growth between 2008 and 2014 from 5.32% to 1.69% and leave the world market at retail worth US$13.25bn rather than US13.85bn. (Source: just-style)

What Will Drive Up Demand? 1. Swimwear fashion in the Western world will be driven by the acceptance of swimming as a relaxing pastime for an ageing population. 2. Among the younger age group, swimwear will be worn away from the sea and the pool. 3. Figure supporting and enhancing fabrics will encourage older women to wear swimwear. 4. Western swimwear habits will take hold in the developing world. 5. Internet sales growth will outstrip that of traditional retailing. 6. The desire of women to look fashionable by the pool and at the beach. 7. Increasing incorporation of fashion elements into swimwear. 8. The growth of beauty and spa industry. 9. The London Olympics will create a swimwear mark. (Source: Just-Style and Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)

Good News For The Luxury Swimwear Industry

In the face of an uncertain economy, consumers continue to embrace luxurious swimwear options. (Source: Trend Report)

According to the survey, the majority of women (94 percent) are willing to pay more for good quality swimwear(Source: Land's End Survey)

The Swimwear Market By Geographical Location

Europe and the United States dominate the global swimwear and beachwear market. The developing world such as the South East Asia and China provide a greater opportunity for the growth of the swimwear market as the western swimwear habits gain hold in the developing nations. (Source: Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)

The Swimwear Market By Age Swimwear Market:

Women's Apparel:

Youth specific holiday market was the most successful; Under 25's are the primary buyers of swimwear (Source: Mintel 2010)

A third of women who shop in department stores are aged 25 – 55. (Source: Cotton Inc.)

Women aged 45 to 64 spend more More than a third of respondents on clothing per capita than any (38 percent) started shopping for other group. (Source: Apparel & quality swimwear in their 20s, 43 Textile Trends) percent discovered superior Women born between 1946 and suits in their 30s and 5 percent 1964 racked up 39 percent of all in their 40s (Source: Land's End women's apparel purchases. Survey) Women ages 41 to 59 are the greatest marketing opportunity today. (Source: Imago Creative)

The Swimwear Market by Clothing Size Fashion designers are finally recognizing that the market for plus size swimwear is not only profitable to them (and those who sell their designs), but it is also a reality and a necessity! (Source: Plus size swimwear looking good. Jean Sanders) In America alone, there are 40 million women over size 14, spending $25 billion a year on clothing, or a quarter of all clothing sales. (Source: American Demographics) U.S. retail sales of women's plus-size apparel approached $32 billion in year 2000. This is a 33 % rate of growth since 1996. (Source: MarketResearch.com)

The Swimwear Market by Occupation

Specialty apparel stores thrive in middle to upper income areas and those with above-average white-collar employment levels. (Source: Downtown Market Analysis. University of Minnesota)

The Swimwear Market by Education Level

In general, areas with high levels of educational attainment tend to prefer “the finer things.” That is, they may have a preference for shopping at smaller, non-chain specialty retail stores. (Source: Downtown Market Analysis. University of Minnesota)

The Swimwear Market by Annual Household Income Coldwater Creek targets women between the ages of 35 and 60 with an average income of $75,000.

(Source: Coldwater Creek to Pamper Customers with Spa)

Highly affluent households with annual incomes above $100,000 comprise one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population, increasing by more than 2 percent each year since 2000. (Source: Downtown Market Analysis. University of Minnesota)

The Swimwear Market by Location

Shopping Preferences Department stores are the most popular places to purchase swimsuits, with 50% of women buying their suits there (Source: ShopSmart Poll)

27% of women have tried shopping for a swimsuit online (Source: ShopSmart Poll)

Common Activities/ Interests

An estimated 300,000 swim competitively in the US. An additional 7 million swim for recreation or fitness. (Source: Sports Marketing 2011, Richard K. Miller and Associates)

According to the Travel Industry of America, 72 million women in the U.S. took at least one trip last year. The average adventurer traveler is 47 years old and wears a size 12 dress. Women also made up half of all business travellers last year spending $175 billion.

Average Amount Spent on Swimsuit Ave. price for a woman's bathing suit: $24.26 Ave. price for a man's bathing suit: $15.62

(Source: NPD Group)

Average Swimwear Prices Per Unit

Major Players

Speedo, Tyr, Gottex, Michael Kors, Catalina, Jantzen and O'Neill. (Source: Global market review of swimwear and beachwear – forecasts to 2013 by Reportlinker)

American Apparel, Inc., Diana Sport, Eveden Group, Equatorsun Ltd., Jantzen, Inc., La Perla Group, Nitches, Inc., NOZONE Clothing Limited, O'Neill, Inc., PARAH S.p.A, Pentland Group plc, Perry Ellis International, Inc., Quiksilver, Inc., Seafolly, Seaspray (UK) Ltd., Swim Suit Company, Tefron, The Wet Seal, Inc., TYR Sport, Inc., VF Corporation, and Warnaco Group, Inc., among others. (Source: Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)

Brand Positions in the Swimwear Market

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