Why people would like the screen protector to protect their phone

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Why people need the tempered glass screen protector to protect their mobile phone. Weaccessory.com team summarize the following reasons.
* The film is ultra-thin (0.3 mm), the film does not affect the sensitivity of the sensor and does not slow down the response to user commands.
* the high surface density of 9H glass, which will protect your display of the mobile device from most damage: chips, cracks, scratches.
* The protective film saves from scratches at the cost of its appearance. The film itself becomes defective after two weeks of normal use. Safety glass always maintains an excellent appearance.
* The protective screen guard will never protect the screen of your smartphone from falling. Replacing the display costs a fairly large amount, so buying a protective glass, you save your money and time.
* the tempered glass strictly corresponds to the size and all the necessary cutouts of the smartphone.
* The glossy surface has absolutely no color and does not affect the transfer of brightness and color, as well as the usage of the phone.
* Easy sticking without any bubbles. Also easy to take off, so you can replace the screen protector by yourself (before use, carefully read the installation steps indicated on the package).

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